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Chicago-Go-Go-Goin’ Gone

Well, as you see from the date of this post, I am woefully behind on my blog entries. The whirlwind of the tour behind me, I came back to Door County and settled right back down to songwriting–another good use of time, if I do say so myself. And I hardly took any pictures in Chicago…but here are some highlights. First off, a video, from our oh-so-fun house concert at our friends Tim and Ellie’s house. It’s “Union Maid,” which we played at every show on the tour and had been trying to capture live for a few weeks. It proved elusive–even this version has pretty funky sound–but at least you get the idea.


Now the photos!

When one has been traveling a long time, one learns to find beauty even in the ugliest of places–like this starry starry rest stop in Indiana.

For my birthday breakfast, my friend and host Nathan took us to the delightful Longman and Eagle for duck egg hash (those are sunnyside up duck eggs on top, with duck confit in the hash itself). Yum!

We visited my old employer, the Old Town School of Folk Music, which induced a big wash of nostalgia in yours truly, especially these guitar strings in their vending machine.

The night of my birthday, we played a private birthday party in Highland Park (birthday squared!). Here’s Rich getting ready for the show.

On our last day in Chicago, we played a house concert at the apartment of my friends Emily and Jess, who had generously hosted a house concert for me last winter, too. Their apartment is pretty perfect for such an event. Here’s their house concert setup empty…

…and full!