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Travel with Katie


A note from Katie

I love traveling with friends and fans: the music we experience together, the food we eat together, and the connections we forge together. The folks who choose to go on my tours tend to be curious, kind, music-loving, and fun, and we often stay in touch long after we return home.

Moreover, the travel companies I partner with (Scotland Folk Tours, Inishfree Tours, and Fan Club Cruises) know how to create wonderful experiences for passengers. I was surprised to discover how fun group travel could be. These are group tours for folks who don’t think they like group tours. I really hope you’ll join me!


“If you haven’t traveled with Katie Dahl, you’re missing out! The music, the food, the company, the experience…so good! It was one of the best decisions I’ve made, and I can’t wait to do it again!”

— Lachrisa

“We have traveled a great portion of the planet. This was the best trip we have ever been on.”



“Katie Dahl was amazing. Not only did she provide great music, she really helped to bring us all together with her friendliness, humor, and kindness.”

— Gailmarie