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Wildwood, by Katie Dahl


Wildwood CD — $15

Wildwood Vinyl — $20

Wildwood (2019)

  1. Anna Lee
  2. Worry My Friend
  3. Braver than Me
  4. Good Northern Ground
  5. Wildwood Girl
  6. Oh Minnesota
  7. The Fisherman's Daughter
  8. Valmy
  9. In the Dark
  10. Breathing Room

Produced by JT Nero of Birds of Chicago, “Wildwood” explores life in 2019 through the lens of Door County, Wisconsin, where Katie lives: her experiences living, loving, worrying, singing, being a friend, and raising a family in the place where she has six generations of family history. Featuring harmony vocals by Allison Russell (Birds of Chicago, Po’ Girl, Our Native Daughters).

Song Lyrics