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Kickstarter Campaign for New Album!

The Kickstarter campaign for my new album has just launched, and I'm already bowled over by everyone's generosity. Here's where you can check it out and pledge: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1385939851/turn-stones-to-diamonds-help-make-katie-dahls-new

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Buckets of Rain

Buckets of Rain (4th annual Bob Dylan tribute show) will happen again September 14, this year at Door Community Auditorium! With Katie Dahl, Eric Lewis, Chris Irwin, Jeanne Kuhns, Pat Palmer, and Rich Higdon. Tickets available at http://www.dcauditorium.org/buckets-of-rain-iv/#.U_OUXoBdXl0 .

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Podcast of WPR Appearance

Bassist Rich Higdon and I had a wonderful time at our hour-long interview and appearance on Wisconsin Public Radio's show 45 North this past Friday morning. Listen to the full interview here--there's also a video clip! http://www.wpr.org/45north/

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